M.Sc. in Biosciences and Bioinformatics is an unique interdisciplinary programme by conglomerating basic biology with frontiers of various applied domains with emphasis on bioinformatics. The department is determined to evolve as one of the best in providing quality education in terms of classroom knowledge sharing and brilliantly designed modern technical laboratory facilities through it highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. Our determination to be easily accessible to student’s purpose will hopefully make us a better performer. We strongly believe that healthy professional academic atmosphere can be produced through scientific discussion and sharing novel ideas.

Thus, the students can exploit the knowledge by actively participating in journal clubs, seminars and industry-academia visits in addition to class room and laboratory based learning, where they can stay updated with the progress in current day research and industry. To make the student fit for both higher learning as well as industry ready, each student will be assigned with a project work in the final semester, where they will be trained under the supervision of a faculty member. Apart from this, few open courses will be proposed in collaboration with other departments of our university that will help the students keep their analytical mind open to other domains of academics. Overall, the course will motivate the students to prepare for a brighter career in research, academia, and industries dealing with basic bioscience, agriculture, healthcare, and bioprocess technology.