Master degree in Natural Resource Management and Geo-Informatics (NRMG) is a two years integrated & interdisciplinary program for students who want to develop skills in geospatial technologies and required knowledge that will contribute to find sustainable solution to world’s most pressing real-world challenges in managing the natural resources and emerging environmental problems. The main focus of the course is ‘translating’ natural resource science and social science within areas of the world’s highly vulnerable regions into ‘science for policy and decision making’ products, advice and services. Over the period of four semesters, students will conceptualize the ideas of natural resources in rich and diverse ways, contemporary environmental issues and also sound knowledge on computational and analytical foundation of Geo-informatics and modelling. Application of geospatial technology on natural resources management are to be done through hands-on exercises, workshops and 4 week intensive summer internship and also a semester long major project. There will be flexible option of choosing choice base credits from other departments to build research interest of their domain. The uniqueness of programme lies in integrating Geo-informatics technique in sciences based decisions making of natural resources management in implementing sustainable development goals and positioning the country towards meeting its global commitments and targets. The master degree @ KU will try to develop the critical masses with technique and tools of sustainable management of natural resources with geo-information and earth observation tools.